Mid-year Life Changes

In most instances, you can make changes to your benefits only during Open Enrollment. However, if you have a qualified change in status, you may be eligible to make changes to some of your benefits. Examples of qualified changes in status include:

  • You get married, divorced or legally separated
  • You add a new child through birth or adoption
  • Your dependent’s employment status changes
  • Your dependent no longer meets the definition of an eligible dependent (for example, your child turns 26)
  • Your spouse or child dies
  • Your dependent loses coverage elsewhere
  • You switch employment status

Depending on the plan, other life events also may allow you to make a change. Changes you make to your benefits must be consistent with your change in status. For example, if you add a new child, you can add that child to your medical plan but you can’t add your spouse. You must notify the Broadridge Benefits Center within 30 days of your qualifying change date or you cannot make changes until the next Open Enrollment period.

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