New for 2021 - Medical Out-of-Network Benefits

New for 2021, eligible expenses when you use out-of-network providers (Traditional Choice Plus and SavingsPlus HSA plans only) will be covered at 250% of the Medicare allowed rate instead of 70% of the Aetna recognized charge. The Medicare allowed rate is the charge that the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) establishes as the eligible cost for services. When you go out-of-network, you are responsible for all amounts above what is covered.

Resources to Help Before You Enroll:

  • Medical Plan Comparison Chart
  • ALEX – Use the online benefits counseling tool to estimate your personalized out-of-pocket costs and find a plan that’s the right fit for you
  • Ayco or call 888-296-2480 – Schedule an appointment with a Financial Wellness Coach for personal assistance with maximizing the value of your benefits
  • Additional Plan Information on Total Rewards – Review plan details and other plan materials
  • Contacts – Get the phone number and/or website of our benefit vendors.

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