Voluntary Benefits Deductions

If you enroll in hospital indemnity, critical illness, group accident or personal accident coverage, your deductions will be taken out of your paycheck on an after-tax basis effective January 1, 2021. This ensures any benefit payments received are not taxable to you and also means that you can cancel these coverages at any point during the year* without a qualified life event (e.g., birth, marriage).

In addition, for the hospital indemnity, critical illness, and group accident coverages, the Aetna policies for these plans allow coverage of eligible dependent children to age 31 (you will be able to update your dependent children on these plans for 2021 Open Enrollment up to age 31).

* If you are enrolled in Hospital Indemnity coverage due it being automatically bundled with your Basic Plus medical plan enrollment, you will not be able to cancel this coverage unless you drop the Basic Plus medical plan during the year due to a qualified life event. The Hospital Indemnity portion of this bundled plan will be taken on an after-tax basis.

Resources to Help Before You Enroll:

  • Medical Plan Comparison Chart
  • ALEX – Use the online benefits counseling tool to estimate your personalized out-of-pocket costs and find a plan that’s the right fit for you
  • Ayco or call 888-296-2480 – Schedule an appointment with a Financial Wellness Coach for personal assistance with maximizing the value of your benefits
  • Additional Plan Information on Total Rewards – Review plan details and other plan materials
  • Contacts – Get the phone number and/or website of our benefit vendors.

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