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Regular, professional dental care is an important part of maintaining and enhancing your overall health. Broadridge offers two PPO Dental Plan options, as well as a Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO) option.

Looking for a provider? Use the PPO or DMO dentist search tools.

Get Your Annual Cleaning!

If you are enrolled in one of the Broadridge dental plans, Aetna covers 2 free, preventive cleanings each year.



Option 1 – Aetna Indemnity PPO

Option 2 – Aetna Dental Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Option 3 – Aetna Dental Maintenance Organization (DMO)

Seeing a dentist

Any dentist you choose; subject to deductible.

Any dentist you choose; no deductible in-network. Higher level of benefit with a network dentist.

Must select a primary dentist from the DMO’s network of participating dentists.

Your costs

Highest payroll contributions of the 3 dental options

Mid-level payroll contributions of the 3 dental options

Lowest payroll contributions of the 3 dental options

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