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Broadridge offers vision coverage through Aetna, a program designed to promote visual wellness by providing quality eyecare through eye exams and benefits toward glasses or contacts.

Below is a summary of coverage under the plan:

Your Vision Care Option

Maximum benefits



From an Aetna Network Doctor

From a Non-Aetna Provider


12 months

$10 copay

Up to $50 Reimbursement


12 months

$10 copay

Up to $50-$100 Reimbursement (depends on type of lens)


12 months

$175 Allowance

Up to $70 Reimbursement


12 months

$175 Allowance

Up to $105 Reimbursement

Laser Vision Correction

Discounts Available


You get the best value from your Aetna benefit when you visit an Aetna network doctor. If you decide not to see an Aetna doctor you’ll receive a lesser benefit, typically pay more out-of-pocket and are reimbursed only up to the “allowable” amount determined by the Plan.

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